Ends on September 1, 2018$15.00

First prize: $1,000 for an outstanding group of poems by a female poet writing in English. Finalists will also be awarded publication.


Submissions will be open July 1 through September 1. Please expect a response quickly; our editors read daily and will send notifications immediately following the deadline. 

The entry fee is $15.

Submit 3-6 previously unpublished poems in a single document through our submissions manager.  Kindly include a cover letter and brief bio in the comments box.  

The Coniston Prize is judged anonymously. Please remove all identifying information from the document you upload. Manuscript files that contain identifying information will be disqualified. This includes the file title, which should not contain your name.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but we cannot refund contest fees if you have to withdraw all or part of your submission.  

Multiple submissions are acceptable with an additional fee.

Please note that this award recognizes an exceptional group of poems.  We suggest that you submit a group of poems that is intentionally cohesive in some way - whether connected by subject matter, voice, style, or imagery.


The Coniston Prize is awarded only to women poets.

If you know the editors or our judge personally, you should not submit your work. This includes current or former students of the editors or the judge.

We look forward to reading your poems! 

Radar Poetry